Blue Tooth Pub

Join us for Happy Hour! 3-6pm Monday-Saturday!

Hours: Sun-Thurs 6am-10pm
Fri-Sat 6am-11pm

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The Blue Tooth Pub is a Local lounge with Local appeal. Crafted beer on draft, local wines, Spirits, and fresh made cocktails with three 60" TV's and Patio seating.


2018 Best Bar/Tavern in Selma & Kingsburg


On Holiday

Islandtini $8.50
Our signature vacation liberation! Malibu Coconut rum, Midori melon liqueur, pineapple juice and fresh lime juice.

Mojito $9.00
Bacardi Superior rum muddled with garden fresh mint, hand-squeezed limes and a little sugar. Topped with soda water.

Storm's Brewing $8.75
Myers's Dark Rum, orange liqueur, ginger beer and fresh lime juice. Just close your eyes to feel the ocean breeze!

Mai Tai $9.00
Bacardi Superior and Myers's Dark Rum, fresh lime juice, almond syrup, orange liqueur and a splash of pineapple juice make up this tropical version of the tiki classic.


Holiday Inn™ Iced Tea $8.25
Smirnoff vodka, Beefeater gin, Bacardi Superior rum, Sauza Blanco Tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lemon sour, cranberry and Sprite combine in our signature refresher.

Rockin' Rita $8.75
Our house Margarita rocks! Made with Patron Silver tequila and Cointreau orange liqueur. Shaken with fresh-squeezed lime juice and simple syrup. Served on the rocks with or without a salted rim.

Bloody Mary $8.50
Smirnoff vodka and our zippy Bloody Mary mix. Perfect any time of day!

Manhattan $8.50
Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, stirred with sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters and garnished with a maraschino cherry.
Enjoy Maker's Mark for only $1.00 more.


Classic Martini $8.00
Your choice of SMirnoff vodka or Beefeater gin, stirred with a splash of Martini & Rossi dry vermouth. Icy cold & smooth as silk. Garnished with olives, a lemon twist or pickled cocktail onions.

Apple Martini $8.50
Absolut Citron vodka, DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker, orange liqueur and fresh lemon sour mix. We love the color!

Lemon Drop $8.25
Absolut Citron vodka, orange liqueur, fresh lemon sour mix. Served with a sugared rim for that perfect sweet-tart combination.

Cosmoploitan $8.75
Absolut Citron vodka, Cointreau, cranberry and fresh lime juice. Dry, tart & delicious!

Mules & Lemonades

Moscow Mule $9.00
Made with Smirnoff vodka - the original since the Moscow Mule's creation in 1942 - ginger beer and fresh lime

Mexican Mule $8.00
The Mule goes south of the border! Sauza Blanco Tequila with sweetened fresh lime and the spicy kick of ginger beer.

Kentucky Mule $8.50
A southern kick on the classic, made with our favorite Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, Jim Beam. Topped with fresh lime juice, a dash of bitters, ginger beer and fresh mint.

Italian Lemonade $9.00
Disaronno almond liqueur floats like the Tuscan sun over a lemon sky in this delicious spiked lemonade. Made with Absolut Citron vodka, hand squeezed lemons, and a splash of soda water.

Lynchburg Lemonade $9.25
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, orange liqueur, Sprite and fresh lemon combine for the true taste of summer.



Blue Moon Belgian White Ale $5.50

Goose Island $6.50

Samuel Adams Boston Lager $6.25

Samuel Adams Seasonal $6.25

Leinenkugel Seasonal $5.75


Heineken $5.25

Stella Artois $5.25


Bud Light $ 4.00

Budweiser $4.00

Coors Light $4.00

Miller Lite $4.00


Angry Orchard $4.75

Our Favorites

805 $5.75

General Sherman $6.50

Our Wines

Featuring Kendall-Jackson and other local wineries

Corkage Fee - $14


Pinot Noir - Estancia "Pinnacles Ranches," CA
$9 / $38

Merlot - Canyon Road, CA
$8 / $34

Merlot - Columbia Crest, WA
$9.25 / $38

Cabernet Sauvignon - Canyon Road, CA
$8.75 / $38

Cabernet Sauvignon - William Hill, CA
$9.50 / $42

Cabernet Sauvignon - Kendall-Jackson, CA
$10 / $42

Sparkling Wines

JFJ Almond


Pinot Grigio - Danzante, Italy
$9 / $40

Chardonnay - Canyon Road, CA
$8 / $34

Chardonnay - Kendall-Jackson, CA
$9 / $36

Chardonnay - Chateau St. Jean, CA
$8.50 / $38

Reisling - Chateau Ste. Michelle, WA
$8.75 / $38

White Zinfandel - Beringer, CA
$7.50 / $28